Got Projects?

It pays to be a stingy sailor. Every dollar you save is two dollars you don’t have to earn. After you pay taxes on your income, lose buying power to inflation, and then pay sales taxes and shipping charges on your hardware purchases, the gear in your hands is worth about half the value of your earnings.  The $tingy Sailor exists to help you beat the system. The good folks at Viadana USA want to help too. 

That’s why they are offering a 10% discount to readers of The $tingy Sailor.

Viadana USA is the American distributor of Italian yacht equipment manufacturer Viadana. They offer a wide variety of high quality blocks, deck hardware, tracks, travelers, rigging, and more. All products are covered by a two-year warranty.

To receive this special discount, shop at the Viadana USA website and enter STINGY in the promo code box when you check out. This offer is open to everybody, not just subscribers. There is no expiration period, either. The discount applies to all items, all the time.

Beat the high cost of sailboat repairs and upgrades. Be a stingy sailor and buy your rigging gear where I do, from Viadana USA.  I’m glad I did.

The $tingy Sailor is a paid affiliate of Viadana USA.

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