Handy and Cheap Line Hangers

Until recently, I stored all my unused lines, sheets, and cords in a large plastic bag in the starboard lazarette. I knew there was a better way to organize them, but I hadn’t seen it yet. First, I came across these teak line caddys on eBay. And while I like their design and the fact that the teak would look at home in Summer Dance, they don’t afford a lot of storage for the space that they occupy. In a C-22, you have to maximize every cubic inch.

Why yes, it is a bathrobe hook too

After a little shopping, I found an inexpensive coat rack that is sold by Lowe’s, WalMart, and probably elsewhere that sells household organizers. It’s made of chrome plated steel, not stainless steel, but the price is right and it should last a long time in the blue water that I sail in. It has six double hooks and can easily be mounted inside a lazarette with a couple of screws, finish washers, and nuts.

Each rack can hold twelve coiled lines and other accessories high and dry and within easy reach without taking up much space. I like that one half of the port rack hangs over the deeper part of the locker for more space to hang longer sheets and lines. The other half hangs over the gas tank shelf but is still deep enough to hang dock lines and other short lines.

Rack with 12 lines stored within easy reach
Rack with 12 lines stored within easy reach

I installed a second rack in the starboard lazarette for hanging fender lines, life line, etc.

The Bottom Line

Suggested price: $38
$tingy Sailor cost: $23.96
Savings: $52.04

How do you store all your unused running rigging?


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  1. Chris says:

    I’m curious, your photograph shows what appears to be machine bolts with screws. How did you gain access to the opposite of this wall (not sure it’s a bulkhead) to feed the bolts through to the storage rack? I have a Macgregor 22 vs a Catalina 22 so my layout is obviously different.

    1. Hi, Chris

      They’r oval head tapping screws that don’t go all the way through the bulkhead.

      Thanks for your question,

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