Free Triple Axle Trailer

Tom Blanchard was a stingy sailor and an avid reader of this blog for years. Tom dreamed of sailing with his wife Deborah off the coast of Virginia in a classic Herreshoff 28 ketch that he would restore himself. But before that could happen, Tom died of a brain tumor.

Deborah has since moved to Tennessee and is now selling their property in Danville, Virginia. She’s looking urgently for a new home for the H-28 and it’s triple axle trailer. The H-28 is in sorry shape as you can see but the newer trailer has a lot of life left in it after some cleaning and maintenance.

A surveyor from the Wooden Boat School in Brooklin, Maine said “There are a few pieces of bronze hardware and about 2,500 lbs of lead ballast that would bring someone about $1000+ worth of recycled metals.

The catch is that she needs the boat moved before February 25, 2021 when the new property owners take possession. If nobody claims the boat, she will be forced to abandon it but she would rather a stingy sailor recycle it.

UPDATE 2/18/2021: Huge thanks to everybody who responded with offers to help! Deborah has more than enough offers and is contacting each one directly in the order in which they were received until she finds a new home for the H-28 and its trailer.

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Tobie says:

    Is this still available and if so where is it located for pickup

  2. David Singleotn says:

    I might be able to assist as I could possibly use the trailer for my 25 foot Catalina which is docked at Clarksville, VA (not too far from Danville. My email is below and my cell phone is 919-801-3759 if I can be of service.

    David Singleton

  3. Popeye says:

    If only that was closer to Illinois.

  4. David G Singleton Jr says:

    I have offered to remove this as I could use the trailer and am fairly close (in Clarksville VA) but not sure that my comment is going through (I have no website to enter below.)

    David Singleton

  5. Chris Danz says:

    I may be able to help if she still needs it to be removed.

  6. Justin says:

    I can pick up, im in Tennessee but am available to pick up in the next couple days.



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