A Hotknife for the Rest of Us

When I made my first canvas project, a mainsail cover, I cut out the pieces using scissors as usual. Later, when I made the cabin cushion covers, I discovered how much better a hotknife works for cutting synthetic marine canvas like Sunbrella. Instead of the edges unravelling, they fused solid. That not only makes them…

Make This Companionway Hatch Cover In Under a Day

If you leave your sailboat exposed to the elements for long periods of time or if you just want to keep your brightwork bright, it helps to cover the main hatch to reduce damage from UV rays, rain and snow, and bird droppings. Making one isn’t hard and you can do it in less than…

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  A compilation of all the canvas projects published at The $tingy Sailor, organized, revised and supplemented with scale drawings so you can do them yourself. A compilation of all the rigging articles published at The $tingy Sailor, organized, revised and supplemented with clear, original illustrations. Describes the conditions and the math that bust the myth about the…

Keep Often Used Items Handy with Snap-on Gear Bags

Storage solutions are some of the most sought after and popular projects among trailer sailors. Space is at a premium and if you load your sailboat with all the supplies, foodstuffs, and conveniences you want for a weekend of cruising, there isn’t much spare space left.

Sew Your Own Cabin Curtains and Save

Are your salon and head privacy curtains old, faded, or tattered? Want to spruce up your cabin interior? Sewing your own curtains can add a designer touch without breaking the bank. If you’re replacing your cabin cushions entirely or just the covers, new curtains are a must-do companion project.