Book Review: Sailboat Electrics Simplified

What is the least understood, most dangerous, and pound for pound most expensive system on a sailboat? Electrical systems, without a doubt. Few DIYers understand how to work on them, they are the number one cause of catastrophic fires, and everything about them costs multiple times what the same thing does in an automobile.

Book Review: The Annapolis Book of Seamanship

Most of the books that I have reviewed here on The $tingy Sailor that teach sailing skills have been compact handbooks that are useful to keep on board and cover the most basic of sailing skills. They aren’t intended to be encyclopedias of all sailing knowledge. This book is different.

Book Review: Plain Sailing: Learning to See Like a Sailor

What is the most powerful tool aboard your sailboat? What is the one thing that can make it go faster in any conditions? Without it, the boat wouldn’t move—your brain. The most important asset on your sailboat isn’t a piece of gear, it’s your knowledge of how best to set and trim your sails. A…

Book Review: Mine’s Bigger

Every active skipper takes at least a little pride in their sailboat. That is, if you exclude the owners of those few derelict, abandoned sailboats you can find in any year-round marina. A sailboat is a beautiful, graceful, piece of moving art that almost everyone appreciates. But what happens when pride goes over the top,…

Book Review: 100 Fast & Easy Boat Improvements

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