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The photo collage below shows most of the projects on this site. Click any picture to go to that project for more photos and a description.

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  1. allen horning says:

    Very nice site you have. I am wondering about the forestay release hardware. I need one of those. Any ideas of how to construct a boom crutch from plywood and hold the boom and mast w/o the rudder hardware? How about a trailer motor mount while transporting vs the transom ? I have an old Paceship 1969 Mouette and the trailer is as old and no support under the transom.

    1. I can’t imagine a mast crutch made from plywood but you could probably make one from 2×4 dimensional lumber in an X shape that stands inside the cockpit and is secured side to side. Few sailboat trailers have much support under the transom or need it but I have seen some owners build their own mounts on the front of their trailers to carry their outboard motors.

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