Downloads FAQ

Before taking you to the Downloads page, here are answers to some frequently asked questions. Jump to the bottom of the page if you already know this stuff.

What is available on the Downloads page?

The Downloads page contains links to files that you can download to your device and read or print off-line. The files include dimensioned drawings, checklists, templates, and diagrams that supplement some of the projects that you can read about here.

The files are in PDF format that you can view or print with any PDF file viewer. Most devices have a viewer built-in. If yours doesn’t, you can install the free Adobe Reader viewer.

I downloaded a file but lost it. Can I get it again?

When you click on a link on the Downloads page, the file will download to your device automatically and open in the viewer. The file will be saved in the Downloads folder on your device. If you want to save it somewhere else, use the Save As command in your viewer that looks something like this to pick a location for the file:


If you still can’t find the file, you can download it again from here if you want.

How can I get the password?

Only subscribers to this site are allowed access to the Downloads page. It’s one of the perks of being a subscriber. Along with the password to the page, subscribers also receive announcements delivered to their email inbox of every new article that I publish here. They also receive my newsletter by email that contains exclusive information, special offers, and news only for subscribers.

If you are not already a subscriber but would like to subscribe, simply send your email address using the Subscribe box at the bottom of any page on this site. It’s free and you can unsubscribe at any time. Your email address will not be shared with anybody, ever, so you won’t start getting unwanted spam.

The password to the Downloads page is included in the confirmation email that you receive when you subscribe. It also appears at the bottom of every newsletter.

I tried a password but it didn’t work. Is it broken?

I occasionally change the password to protect the value of subscribing to this site. The current password is at the bottom of every Stingy Sailor Spotlight newsletter. If you’re already a subscriber but you don’t remember the password, look in your email. If you recently subscribed and you haven’t yet received a newsletter, look in your subscription confirmation message. If you still can’t find it, let me know using the Contact page and after I confirm your subscription, I’ll send you the password.

Enough already, where are the downloads?

If you know the password, click the GOT IT button below to go to the Downloads page now and enter the password.