Do-It-Yourself Small Sailboat Rigging

Do you have an older sailboat with minimal or worn running rigging? Did you recently buy a used sailboat and you don’t know if you can trust the standing rigging? Do you want to set up your sailboat for maximum cruising pleasure and performance? Do you like to save money but you want quality rigging that you can trust?

There are sailboat rigging books that can help you become a professional rigger. There are books that trace the history of every known sailboat design through the ages. There are rigging books priced as high as college textbooks. If you own a daysailer or weekend cruiser and you just want add a few rigging upgrades to your sailboat, those aren’t the books for you.

All the Most Useful Upgrades in One Place

I’m happy to announce that my latest ebook Do-It-Yourself Small Sailboat Rigging is available for purchase starting today. If you like the rigging projects that you’ve read about on The $tingy Sailor for years, then this is the ebook you want. I’ve compiled 21 of the standing rigging and running rigging projects together and organized them in one place.

  • Standing rigging including modifications for faster and easier mast stepping
  • Boom topping lift, vang, and downhaul
  • Mainsail jiffy reefing lines, lazy jacks, and outhaul
  • Headsail pendant and downhaul
  • Cruising spinnaker rigging on a budget
  • Tips on leading lines aft to the cockpit for single-handed sailing
  • Running rigging color selection, line storage, and more!

I also brought some of them up to date with projects that I did after I wrote the older posts, including more cross references between projects. And I supplemented many of the projects with my own illustrations like the one below.

DIY Running Rigging

Rigging a small sailboat isn’t rocket science and it doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars. All the projects in this ebook use time-proven methods and materials to give you maximum sailing bang for your hard-earned buck. Besides learning how to install each upgrade, you’ll learn how it works and why it can help you become a better sailor. Numerous photos and illustrations supplement the text.

Save Money and Time

If you’re new to sailboat rigging, it’s confusing to you, or you’re getting ready to partially or completely rerig your sailboat and you want a handy guide, then this ebook is for you. You’ll get over 100 pages of useful, proven, tips and photos on how to do each project yourself. And not only that, but how you can save money doing them.

Whether you want to replace aging and questionable rigging,  be able to handle a wider range of weather conditions, or add sail trimming upgrades for more speed and better pointing to windward, this ebook will show you how.

This ebook is one Adobe PDF file that you can download immediately after completing your purchase with no waiting for delivery. You can start reading it on any device with free Adobe Reader software. That’s practically every PC, Mac, notebook, tablet, and smartphone. If you still like to read paper, you can print it out on your home printer or at many office supply stores, who can also bind it neatly for you.

You’ll get all this for only $20 USD payable by credit card or PayPal.  That’s less than $1 per project! Your financial support will help to keep this blog free for everyone to enjoy. I’m so confident that you’ll enjoy your sailboat more and save money with this ebook that, if after 60 days you’re not satisfied, I will give you a full refund.

After your payment has been accepted, do not close the browser window right away. Wait until you are automatically redirected to a page that contains a link where you can download your copy. The ebook will open in your browser where you can save a local copy or print it.

Thank you for your support,

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  1. Slartibartfass says:

    Love the book!

  2. Just the book I’ve been waiting for!! Thank you

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