The $tingy Sailor is THE blog to follow for do-it-yourself trailerable sailboat restoration and improvement. The $tingy Sailor is now accepting sponsorships for the calendar year 2016. We’re doing this to help us expand and enrich our service to the sailing community.

Come ride the wave with us

In 2014, the $tingy Sailor blog rocketed from relative obscurity to become the Google #1 ranked website for searches on “sailboat restoration.” It continues to grow in popularity with up to 20,000 page views per month by readers from over 100 countries. Every week (on average), a new informative, how-to article is posted about rigging modifications, cabin improvements, maintenance techniques, useful accessories, restoration projects and much more. Articles are posted less frequently during the remainder of the year.

The $tingy Sailor is read by avid recreational sailors who have a passion for sailing and for their sailboats. When they’re not sailing, they’re looking for ways to repair, restore, or improve their sailboats. That means they’re spending money on products and services like yours. The $tingy Sailor blog recommends specific projects and products that are of interest to DIY sailors of all ages, abilities, and incomes – the customers you’re looking for!

Readers with a passion for sailing

Here are some recent comments from real visitors:

“Love this solution.”

“I’ll be back!”

“I’m a big fan of your site… and DIY philosophy.”

“The most no-nonsense, comprehensive forum I have found for our boats. Thanks.”

“I check your blogs like every week.”

By sponsoring posts on The $tingy Sailor, you make your business easier to reach for the visitors who read about, buy, and use products like yours. Your sponsorship also shows your support for the sailing community in a more personal and intentional way than just one more image ad among many.

You can expand or solidify your brand recognition and get more potential customers to your site by becoming a sponsor for only $25 per post/per month! Your sponsorship will be gratefully acknowledged at the beginning of each post that you sponsor for one month along with a prominent text link to your website. Sorry, no image ads will be accepted.

Options for any budget

You can sponsor The $tingy Sailor in one or a combination of the following ways:

  • Future posts – This is the easiest way to become a sponsor.  Just specify how many posts you would like to sponsor in the shopping cart when you pay below. We will take it from there, but you can’t choose the subjects that you will be sponsoring or when your sponsored posts will appear. If you offer a wide range of products or services, chances are good that some of the posts you sponsor will be related to your business. If you have a specific product or service and you want to sponsor a post that is closely related to it, consider one of the other options below. If you want to sponsor posts during a particular month to coincide with your own marketing plans, specify which months you would like to sponsor in the shopping cart when you pay.
  • Past posts – This is the option for you if you have a specific product or service. Browse or search the posts here to find the ones that most closely relate to your business; there are over 80 to choose from. Many past posts are very popular with new readers who are discovering them for the first time. Specify which posts you would like to sponsor in the shopping cart when you pay.
  • Commission a post – If you want to sponsor a post that features a particular product or service of yours, we’re open to your ideas. Just go to the Contact page and tell us a little about your product or service. Sponsorship credit may be given in exchange for products or services that you contribute to The $tingy Sailor. For example, let’s say that you have a nifty new piece of gear that you think every stingy sailor will want and the retail price is $99. By sending a sample of the gear to The $tingy Sailor, we will publish a post in which the gear is used in some way and make you the sponsor of that post for four months.
  • Anchor Sponsor – This level is for sponsors who are serious about partnering with The $tingy Sailor. For an annual fee of $1500, your logo and a text link will appear in the sponsors box in the sidebar of every page regardless of the specific post sponsor. And if you provide us with an exhibitor banner suitable for hanging from lifelines or a backstay, we’ll display it on Summer Dance while docked at popular sailing events like the 2015 C-22 National Championship Regatta in Portland, OR in July. To get started at this level, contact us via the Contact page.

Take advantage of the very limited amount of sponsorships available. Maximize your advertising budget and submit your order right away. Click the Pay Now button below to submit your payment. Payments by major credit cards are processed by PayPal but you do not need a PayPal account. When you review your payment before you submit it, click the Add link next to Sponsor which posts or in which months? Below is an example circled in red.


When you click Add, a text box will appear in which you can enter your sponsorship preferences. If we need any more information from you to fulfill your sponsorship, we will contact you directly.

Click this button to get started →

The nitty-gritty details

You can sponsor as many posts as you like for as long as you like. Sponsorships will be assigned to the next available, unsponsored post on a first-come, first-served basis unless you request otherwise. Your sponsorship acknowledgement and link will start after we receive your payment and will be removed 30 days later. Sponsorships may be extended by placing a repeat order. We reserve the right to cancel and remove sponsorships without notice, for any reason, and without refund (but we doubt that will happen).

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