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  1. Bernard Guite says:


    I want to let you know that I really enjoy your posts. I have done the jiffy reefing, Boom vang and lazy jacks, strongly inspired from you excellent writings.

    I am in the process of designing and building a furler for my Genoa with high pressure PVC pipes, an old bicycle wheel hub from a recycling yard and Sta Lok fittings (the most expensive part). I would love to have your spin on this project. Once I have it all done and tested in some reasonably strong wind I will let you know how it went.

    Thank you for the great posts and please continue your excellent writing.

    Bernie the Sailor man.

    1. Hi, Bernie

      That sounds like an interesting project and one that I’d like to see if it works for you. Furlers seem extraordinarily expensive to me for what they are and an economical DIY version for trailer sailors would be a good addition here.

  2. capnrehab says:

    Very sharp. Nice!

  3. swimfly200 says:

    I really enjoy your posts and have mentioned them on Facebook in the Catalina 22 Sailboat Owners Group a few times recently. Also this past weekend at the Titusville Sailing Club’s Regatta where the Catalina 22 travel series group were racing. Several of the racers had heard/read your posts before, so your famous down here ;-).
    I had tried this replication of the Catalina 22 emblems myself last year with poor results due to using child’s hardening clay which hardens overnight but didn’t release from the emblems easily resulting in the clay crumbling. I also would of rather have the original logo (retro look) over the modern logo, personally. I did a Google search for the Pontiac emblem to see cost and material used. If they are metal and priced right, I’d be in favor of just using them rather than epoxied replications as I’m sure they would weather and take abuse better. I will without a doubt get my hands on some mold putty and try this with my modern logos just to have backups for when they eventually break or fall off.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Matthew. I’m glad to hear that others want to keep the classic look alive. Let me know if you come up with any improvements.

  4. Adam says:

    Thanks for the idea! I just finished doing this project and am thrilled with the results. I used fiberglass resin for casting and it worked great. Also, if anyone is having difficulty finding molding putty, use silicone. I used clear 100% silicone kitchen and bath caulking and kneaded it in soapy water to turn it into a molding putty. Also, cooking spray is great to use on the mold before pouring in the resin. It will pop out super easy.

    1. Thanks for sharing your results, Adam!

  5. Hunter Dickerson says:

    Would you be interested in making a set for my C-22 for the CDI price? Unfortunately my boat is missing most of the emblems.

    1. Hello, Hunter

      I appreciate your offer but, sadly, they take more time to make than I have to spare right now. You might consider finding someone with a 3D printer in your area. They should be able to turn a 2D logo into very accurate replicas in short order.


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