Project ratings

To help you decide how much bang for your buck each project has to offer, I’ve rated them in three areas: enjoyment, cost, and difficulty. These are my opinion of how each project rates compared to the other projects on this site. You might rate them differently based on your own resources, skills, and how you use your sailboat, but I hope they help you put the projects in a perspective that’s meaningful to you. Next to each rating category, the icon indicates the project’s rating in that category.

Here’s what the categories and icons mean:


How much fun the project adds to your cruising enjoyment, not necessarily how fun the project is to do.

EnjoymentLow             Won’t improve your cruising experience, but is worthwhile as maintenance or a convenience.

EnjoymentMed             Will add to your sailing enjoyment or your boat’s value, but not a major change.

EnjoymentHigh             Significantly increases cruising enjoyment, comfort, or boat value.


How expensive the project is to do. Higher cost projects should be considered as investments in the overall value of your sailboat.

CostLow             Under $100 or free if you have leftover materials. These projects pay for themselves quickly.

CostMed         $100-$250. Projects that should have a high enjoyment rating to make them worthwhile.

CostHigh   Over $250. A significant investment that should add to the long-term value of your sailboat.


How difficult the project is in terms of the skills, special tools, and time required. These projects are typically more technical.

DifficultyLow            Easy to complete with common tools in a day or less.

DifficultyMed            May require unfamiliar skills, special tools, or can take a weekend or more.

DifficultyHigh            Not recommended for novices or requires special tools or time-consuming.

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