Tips To Get Organized Below Deck

It can be tempting to keep every possible item that you might ever need aboard your small sailboat. You know, Boy Scout style, ready for anything. But storage space is very limited and the more you keep aboard, the harder it is to find what you’re looking for. Getting organized below deck not only makes…

Turn a Locker Lid into a Cockpit Table

At the risk of overstating the obvious, trailerable sailboats are cramped. Some are more cramped than others. Cramped inside and cramped outside. But we tolerate the cramped conditions because they’re so much fun to sail and to camp aboard. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be made more comfortable.

$tingy Sailor Lazarette EZ-Lift Kit

No matter how well organized your gear is in your lazarettes, it doesn’t help you to hold the lazarette lids open while you dig that gear out. It’s not so bad with small items like a hank of rope or a fender but larger items that take two hands like a BBQ grill or an…

2017 Stingy Sailor DIY Project Contest Winners

The entries for the 2nd annual Stingy Sailor DIY Project Contest have all been received and scored. I’m very pleased that there were 50% more project entries this year than last. And I’m humbled that some of the entries were projects that debuted here on this blog. A big thanks to everyone who entered whether you won a prize…

$tingy Sailor Gudgeon Spacer Kit

Perfect sail trim results in maximum forward speed, minimum heel, and a neutral helm. The tiller requires little to no input to hold the sailboat’s heading. If the sails are out of balance, you have to apply more force to the tiller to hold your course, also called weather helm (windward) or lee helm (leeward).