$tingy Sailor Gudgeon Spacer Kit

Perfect sail trim results in maximum forward speed, minimum heel, and a neutral helm. The tiller requires little to no input to hold the sailboat’s heading. If the sails are out of balance, you have to apply more force to the tiller to hold your course, also called weather helm (windward) or lee helm (leeward).

If you have a C-22 or  Capri 22 with a back-swept (standard blade or kick-up) rudder and strap style gudgeons, you can reduce weather helm with this kit. Back-swept rudders are designed to provide better control at slower speeds and to not be as sensitive as strictly vertical rudders. The portion of the rudder in the water is angled aft slightly. On a C-22, this about 2″ at the rudder tip. This places the rudder’s wet surfaces aft of the rudder’s pivot axis (pintles).

Gudgeon spacer compensates for rudder blade angle

This kit is a spacer with a beveled back that you install between the upper rudder gudgeon and the transom.

Gudgeon spacer installed

The spacer angles the top of the rudder slightly aft and conversely angles the bottom forward edge of the rudder into alignment with the transom and bottom pintle, effectively eliminating the back sweep. This gives the tiller more leverage over the rudder and consequently, less weather helm.

The $tingy Sailor Gudgeon Spacer Kit includes all the parts and fasteners you need to improve the balance of the rudder of your Catalina 22 sailboat with old, strap style gudgeons like shown above. This kit does not fit the newer, bracket style gudgeons.

The kit includes only high quality parts made to last a lifetime:

  • White high density polyethylene beveled spacer that will never rot or corrode
  • Replacement stainless steel pan head Phillips drive machine screws
  • Detailed step-by-step installation instructions (5 pages) with photos
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Butyl tape or equivalent sealant is highly recommended but not included

The only tools you will need are a #2 Phillips screwdriver. A full money-back 90-day satisfaction guarantee promises that you won’t be disappointed.

Purchase securely with any credit card or debit card by clicking the BUY NOW link below. Then click the Pay with Debit or Credit Card button on the next page. You can also log in to PayPal and pay with your PayPal account balance.

Gudgeon Spacer Kit

This kit fits Catalina 22 strap style 3/8″ gudgeons like shown above only. Do not order for bracket style 1/2″ gudgeons.

Terms: Includes free priority shipping in the continental USA. Alaska, Hawaii, and international buyers please inquire in advance of purchase. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. For product or shipping inquiries, submit the form here.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Brian Moore says:

    Love your website! So much great info. Question – if you upgrade to a new HDPE type rudder, will your upgrade be affected? In other words, do the new rudders make this change in its design, or will this help/hurt? I need a new rudder, on my Cat25, so the change is necessary.

    1. If the leading edge of the rudder is strictly vertical or if it claims to be balanced, then this kit won’t help.

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