Jib sheet attached by an alpine butterfly knot and a soft shackle

DIY soft shackles for quick and easy headsail changes

Ratings_Soft ShackleDo you still tie your headsail sheets on with bowline knots or cow hitches? Do you have separate single-length sheets for each headsail? Do you procrastinate when you should make a headsail change because it’s a hassle to tie or reeve the new sheets?
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Where to next?

How to secure your outboard motor for safe trailering

A frequent question of new sailboat owners is what do with their outboard motor when trailering, leave it on the boat or dismount it and haul it in the boat cockpit or tow vehicle? There are lots of owners in both camps. In this post, I describe the pros and cons of each method and how I prepare Summer Dance to hit the road. Continue reading


Sew your own cabin curtains and save


Are your salon and head privacy curtains old, faded, or tattered? Want to spruce up your cabin interior? Sewing your own curtains can add a designer touch without breaking the bank. If you’re replacing your cabin cushions entirely or just the covers, new curtains are a must-do companion project.

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