The complete beginner’s guide to winch maintenance


The winches on your sailboat are the workhorses of your rig. They do the heavy lifting and make your job as skipper easy so you can enjoy the ride. They’re also the most expensive hardware aboard so it only makes sense to take good care of them. In this post, I describe how they work and how to maintain them in peak condition. If you’re a beginner to winch maintenance, this post will bring you up to speed with the savviest captains.
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Upgrade to a gas spring operated outboard motor mount

Do you have a heavy four-stroke outboard motor on your sailboat? Is it a chore to raise and lower with your current motor mount? Maybe you have a back injury that makes lifting a risky behavior. What about your first mate, can they raise and lower the motor if they need to? All these are good reasons to consider whether your current motor mount is adequate for your needs. Continue reading


The complete beginner’s guide to ball valve maintenance

Are all the ball valves on your boat easy to turn? Do you know where they all are? Do they seal completely? Have you ever done any maintenance to them? They’re not maintenance-free. In this post, I will dispel any mystery about how ball valves work and walk you step-by-step through how to take one apart, inspect it, and lubricate it. Continue reading