$tingy Sailor Pop Top EZ-Lift Kit

Catalina Yachts was a true innovator when they introduced the Catalina 22 back in 1969.  Perhaps the most iconic feature was the optional pop top, which gave much-needed headroom inside the cabin. It turns the C-22 from a daysailer into a more comfortable cruiser. With the addition of the optional snap-on, vinyl curtain, the cabin becomes a weatherproof and insect resistant camper.

The biggest disadvantage of the pop top is its weight. Most female and young crew members can’t raise it. It can even be a struggle for some adult men to push up military press style. Some C-22 owners stop using their pop top because it’s just too difficult.

I’m very happy to announce the immediate availability of the $tingy Sailor Pop Top EZ-Lift Kit. It’s a complete kit with all the parts and fasteners you need to install high pressure gas springs under your pre-1986 Catalina 22 pop top. The springs make it easy for almost anybody to raise and lower the pop top safely. All of the parts are high quality and made for a lifetime of use. Detailed installation instructions with photos are included.

Best of all, the price is much less than the competition. So if you’ve wanted to add gas springs to your pop top but cost has been a barrier, this is the kit for you. Enjoy your pop top more than ever before. For details and to place your order, click this button.

Owners of other sailboats have asked if this kit can be adapted to fit their sailboat. Although the general principle of this kit should work for similar pop top sailboats, this particular kit is designed only for the pre-1986 C-22 pop top height, weight, attachment points, and geometry. But this kit is just the beginning. If it’s very successful, there will very likely be more kits for other sailboats  so submit your make, model, and year in the Other field of the poll below.

If you don’t have a pre-1986 C-22, I’m currently developing kits for the 1986-1994 C-22 and pre-1989 C-25 models. Knowing  if you would buy one will help me to prioritize their development. So if you’re seriously interested in purchasing a kit for either of these models, please vote for your choice below. You’re under no obligation and you won’t be placing an order yet. Then watch here for further announcements.

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Ed Bachmann says:

    What would really be cool would be to develop a pop-top with lift springs for a boat like my Venture 21…a replacement for the sliding hatch. I have considered cutting the cabin top to create something akin to the V22 pop-top, but would want to research structural requirements beforehand!

    Thanks for packaging these kits and saving folks the effort to find the components.


  2. Albert Aymer says:

    Dear $tingy,
    Great to see this product. I have a 1985 MacGregor 25 with a pop top. Do you know if the EZ=Lift kit can be adapted for a Mac 25?


    1. Hi, Albert

      Although the general principle of this kit should work for your Mac 25, this particular kit that I’m selling wouldn’t work. It’s designed for a specific pop top height, weight, attachment points, and geometry.

      But this kit is just the beginning. If it’s very successful, there could be more kits for other sailboats and Macs would be good candidates so stay tuned.

      Thanks for your interest,

  3. Terry Goldstein says:

    I would like to have this for use on my 1980 Catalina 25 SK w/pop top (sail #1977). I hope you can work out the details for us C25 people. The “other guys” unit requires dropping the mast. Can this unit be installed without taking the mast down (fingers crossed)?

    1. Hi, Terry

      There have been quite a few votes for a C-25 kit as well as a 1986-1994 C-22 kit so keep your fingers crossed.

      I don’t know why the “other guys” require lowering the mast to install their kit. My kit doesn’t require it and, in fact, I believe leaving it up makes installing the kit easier because you can latch the pop top to the mast to steady it while you install the kit.

      Thanks for asking,

  4. Brian says:

    This kit is awesome! Simple clear instructions with photos and quality components. I can now lift my pop top with one finger! The instructions are for with mast raised but I was able to install with mast down by simply cutting a couple of 2x4s to fit as braces. The clearances are tight (as advised in instructions), but mine did not require readjustment. Thanks Stingy!

    1. I’m glad it works well for you, Brian.

      Thanks for your comment,

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