Please Vote for Summer Dance!

If you haven’t already voted for Summer Dance in the Sailrite 2014 Summer Project Photo Contest, please take a moment to vote for our photo now by clicking the preceding link. That should take you to a page with our photo. Then click the big green Vote button. Some friends have reported problems voting from smart phones, so if possible, vote from a PC instead. We’re currently in 9th place and only the top 10 photos will be judged for the prize awards. Voting ends Saturday.

Some of the projects in which we’ve used Sailrite products include the Cabin cushion covers solution and the Crib board storage solutions. The other projects such as the mainsail cover, foredeck sail bag, and outboard engine cover might appear in future posts if there is enough interest. If those are projects that you’d like to see here, please click the Comments link below and leave a comment to this post.

For the full story about the storm damage to Summer Dance, read Summer Dance badly damaged in freak storm. If our photo is lucky enough to win one of the prizes, I’ll use it for further improvements to Summer Dance that will appear here.

Every vote counts!


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  1. Duane Collicott says:

    Pssst…. the link isn’t working. Shorten it to just the part and it will. I found it and voted anyway. Good luck!

    1. kbilling says:

      Thanks for the tip, Duane. What type of device did it not work for you? It worked for me from IE and Chrome Android before I posted it.

      1. dcollicott says:

        Chrome 36, Windows 7. Now the “Reply” and “Comments” links in this email to me don’t work either. I’d say ignore my situation. Something must be up on my end.

        On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 11:19 AM, The $tingy Sailor wrote:

        > kbilling commented: “Thanks for the tip, Duane. What type of device > did it not work for you? It worked for me from IE and Chrome Android before > I posted it.”

      2. kbilling says:

        I removed the protocol prefix from the link above and it stills works for me in IE and Chrome on Android. I don’t have any other platforms to test it with. Sailrite appears to be hosting the contest on a platform that uses a lot of scripting and several domains. Not much I can do about cross-platform browser compatibility. I’m just using the link that they provide on my contest entry page for sharing with others to make it as easy as possible.

        Worst case, if the link doesn’t work for someone, they can get there by following the link on the Sailrite home page and either searching for “kbilling” or “Summer Dance” or picking “Most Votes” from the Sort Order list and scrolling down to the fourth row of pictures and clicking our photo. But that’s a lot to ask 🙂

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