A New Kid on the Block is Coming!

It goes without saying that the Catalina 22 is the undisputed King of the 22′ Sailboats. Hands down, walking away. But there’s a new kid a-comin’.

Another popular trailerable sailboat is the MacGregor 22/Venture 222. The MacGregor 22 was manufactured between 1967-1975, the nearly identical Venture 222 between 1971-1982. After that, MacGregor Yachts focused on their very popular MacGregor 26.

Roger MacGregor turned the family business over to his daughter, Laura MacGregor Sharp in 2013. Laura rebranded the company as Tattoo Yachts and is introducing the company’s first new sailboat in decades, the Tattoo 22.

Tattoo Yachts pulled the first production deck for the new power sailor off the mold the day after Christmas 2014 and recently revealed the first photos of hull #1 being assembled.

At first glance, the Tattoo 22 will remind hot rod fans of days long gone by. ZZ Top fans might question whether it wasn’t designed for Billy Gibbons.

“The Eliminator” designed by Larry Ericson based on a 1948 Cadillac Series 62 Sedanette. The $900K custom hot rod is owned by Billy Gibbons of the band ZZ Top.

Besides the standard amenities that one would compare with the C-22 and features that MacGregor Yachts was famous for like water ballast and powered cruising, the Tattoo 22 sports some progressive refinements:

  • A cabin top that hinges at the forward edge and raises aft on gas struts, making for easy one-handed operation and interior standing headroom.
  • A rip–stop nylon enclosure permanently attached and concealed in the gutter around the pop-top.
  • Cantilevered galley that slides fore and aft on a rail without removing cushions
  • Enclosed head
  • Four opening hatches
  • Up to 40 HP power plant for speeds up to 20 knots
Tattoo 22 cutaway and general arrangement

Its profile lines bears a striking resemblance the The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, no?


It might be the new kid on the block but the Tattoo 22 has a lot of appeal to old school rockers. Coincidence or shrewd marketing?


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