$tingy Sailor Double-Ended Main Sheet Upgrade Kit

If you sail single-handed a lot, if you race, or if you just like the idea of a multi-function main sheet, this kit gives you a lot of bang for your buck. It retains the original functionality of your main sheet but gives you a new option for trimming your main sheet that you can’t get any other way.

The working end of the original main sheet puts the line in an awkward position for high-performance sailing, behind the helmsman, whose attention needs to be forward. This is especially true when the traveler is adjusted completely to either side. A double-ended main sheet, puts another working end in front of the helmsman so they can sit forward in the cockpit for better weight distribution and keep their attention forward where it belongs.

The $tingy Sailor Double-Ended Main Sheet Upgrade Kit makes your existing main sheet tackle more versatile, giving you two ends to work with for different circumstances. You can use either one at any time.

This kit comes with all the parts you need to upgrade an original C-22 main sheet to double-ended. The new double sheave boom block replaces your existing single sheave block with becket. You install the new swivel block with cam cleat in the middle of the boom on its bottom side. Some drilling is required and new stainless steel screws are supplied. The new main sheet rope replaces your existing rope and is longer for plenty of working length on both ends.

Double-ended mainsheet kit installed on the boom

The $tingy Sailor Double-Ended Main Sheet Upgrade Kit includes only high quality parts made to last a lifetime:

  • Single 28mm swivel block with ball bearings and cam cleat made by Viadana. Includes manufacturer’s 2-year warranty.
  • Double 28mm block with ball bearings made by Viadana. Includes manufacturer’s 2-year warranty.
  • 50′ x 5/16″ polyester yacht braid made in the USA. Color may vary from photos.
  • (4) #8 x 1/2″ stainless steel pan head tapping screws
  • Proudly assembled in the USA

Detailed step-by-step installation instructions (7 pages) with photos are included in each kit. The only tools you need are an electric hand drill and basic hand tools. A full money-back 90-day satisfaction guarantee promises that you’ll enjoy your main sheet setup more than ever before.

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Double-Ended Main Sheet Upgrade Kit $150 USD BUY NOW
Terms: Compatibility guaranteed for Catalina 22 only. Install on other sailboats at your own risk. Includes free shipping in the continental USA. Alaska, Hawaii, and international buyers please inquire in advance of purchase. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. For product or shipping inquiries, submit the form here.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Randy says:

    My Coronado 23-2 main sheet mounts to the sole beheath the companionway with the cam on the lower block. It is a pain to get it to release from back at the tiller. Can I rig it for double ended use?

    1. Hello, Randy

      I assume that what you mean is, because the cam is positioned for easy operation at a forward seating position in the cockpit, it’s difficult to release from an aft seating position. Without making major modifications that would defeat the original mainsheet design, you might be able to make the cam easier to use by simply changing the angle of the cam. If it doesn’t already have adjustable brackets you could try wedge spacers that are available for some cams in different angles.

      Of course, whatever you do to make it work better in one seating position will make it harder to use from the other position but hopefully you can find an angle that works best for you.

      Thanks for your question,

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