Make this Simple Winch Handle Holder

The idea for this little solution came to me as I was making the crib board storage solution. The width of the vinyl channel that I fabricated for that project makes for a tension fit with a winch handle.

I cut a 9″ length of the channel and mounted it vertically on the transom near the tiller.

With one simultaneous sliding and pressing motion, I can stow the winch handle until it’s needed again. The flexible channel grips the winch handle securely by its sides and holds it stationary. To remove the handle for use, I just grab it. It comes loose easily. The next best thing to a magnetic catch. I don’t care for the looks or price of the retail winch handle pockets anyway.

To read how I fabricated the channel and fastened it to the cockpit sole wall, see the Crib board storage solution post.

The bottom line

Suggested price: n/a
$tingy Sailor cost: $0
Savings: $15.50

Where do you store your winch handles and why?


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