Storm Rider

On wintry days, I cast the lines
My goal, a fair and distant shore
To ride the wind and there to find
Not one thing less, but something more

My craft is sturdy, trim, and fair
Has carried me for many miles
My trust in it is always there
Amid the peaceful, calming smiles

When life’s tests come, I’ll always seek
A harbor safe, a bottom sure
He makes me strong when I am weak
The One who’s holy, wise, and pure

I’ll cast the anchor, douse the sails
Bar the hatch and and lash the helm
While waves collide and north wind wails
And darkness seeks to overwhelm

He promises to hold me safe
My soul forever in His hand
‘Til one fair day, He bids me home
To dock in blessed Beulah land

Photo by Matt Hardy from Pexels



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  1. Pete says:

    Thanks $tingy, loved it. Your words? Beautifully written.

    1. I was feeling a little creative for this year’s Christmas message.

  2. John Baum says:

    This is wonderful. Thanks for this and all the kind suggestions about boats and boating. I loved restoring my 1973 Catalina 22 with your blog’s help and felt great about selling back a few years ago to the previous owner, whose kids were then old enough to go sailing with him. I miss the boat but am enjoying new challenges with a 1974 Catalina 27. Keep sailing – sunny days are just around the corner. Best wishes for 2022.

  3. Kevin Kelly says:

    Beautiful poem combining both sailing and the One who protects us all, who choose to follow. He will allow anyone into his fold that will follow his guidance.
    I have followed you blog for a few years, although I don’t have a Catalina your advice has helped me along the way.
    Looking forward to retiring into sailing as much as time will allow.
    Thank you for spreading your knowledge and messages.

  4. Robert Elmer says:

    Nicely done, Stingy! Stay warm. Even with snow on the ground and ice on the lake, the days are getting longer… 🙂

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