Repair and Restore Your Galley Water Pump

The galley on early Catalina 22s had a hand operated, piston type water pump from a manufacturer who has since gone out of business and for which parts are no longer available. The previous owner told me that the pump needed work and since most older parts like this were made better than the modern stuff (plastic), I decided to see if it could be restored.

Do kids play with marbles anymore?

After I disassembled the pump, I was pleasantly surprised to discover (besides a glass marble for a check valve) that the piston cup was in good condition. The cylinder cleaned up nicely with some Bartender’s Friend and a round brush made for cleaning paint guns. The only thing that looked worn was the small O ring that seals the piston shaft at the top of the cylinder. These are standard 1/16″ wall x 3/8″ diameter O rings that can be found in better hardware stores.

The chrome plating on the pot metal base and handle were corroded, so cleaned them with a wire brush and sprayed on several coats of white enamel.

The restored pump works like new and will probably last another 32 years.

The Bottom Line

Suggested price: $64.37
$tingy Sailor cost: $0.69
Savings: $63.68

Do you have an original galley hand pump that still works?

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