How to Restore a Kenyon Alcohol Stove

The early Catalina 22 yachts offered a sliding galley option. After moving one of the starboard salon cushions, the galley can be slid forward from its storage space under the starboard cockpit seat. The galley is equipped with a Kenyon Homestrand two burner cooking stove. The stove uses pressurized alcohol for fuel and works on the same principle as the more popular Coleman white gas stoves and lanterns.

The previous owner of Summer Dance told me that he had not used the stove in years and that the pump of the stove needed work. I unmounted the stove from the galley and partially disassembled it to inspect the pump. Other than needing a good cleaning, the pump was in relatively good condition and would build pressure in the fuel tank.

Interestingly, the diameter of the Kenyon piston is the same as a Coleman stove piston, so it might be possible to replace some of the Kenyon parts with more readily available Coleman parts. Kenyon replacement parts are available online from Ess-Kay Yards.

One of the cleaning needles in the burners was bent but the stove would light and burn. I cleaned the rest of the brass fittings and tank with Bartender’s Friend and reassembled and remounted the stove.

If the stove proves to be problematic, I’m considering replacing it with a two burner propane stovetop that will accept the same one pound propane canisters that we expect to use with a Mr. Heater Portable Buddy heater to warm the cabin.

The Bottom Line

Suggested price:  $259.99
$tingy Sailor cost: $0
Savings: $259.99

Do you still use your alcohol stove?

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  1. Guy Alexander says:

    Beware of Flame King refillable 1 lb bottles. They leak and will dump the whole contents on you. This happened to me and burnt my face and hands and destroyed and sank my Cal 28. Read the 58 plus negative reviews on Amazon. Read the fine print on the bottle stating that it should not be used in enclosed areas. Flame King is aware and doing nothing.

    1. Sorry to hear about your accident. Thanks for speaking out.

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