Refinish Your Interior Teak to Better Than New

One of the things about older sailboats that I appreciate most is their abundance of teak woodwork. As a woodworker, I admire good craftsmanship, creative design, and a fine finish. It’s harder to find on today’s modern sailboats. Teak is in short supply so it’s more expensive than it once was and most modern sailors…

Product Review: Smart Solutions Add-A-Drawer Kit

In my never-ending quest to find the best storage and organization solutions for everything aboard Summer Dance, the hardest storage problems are the smallest items. Big items like life jackets and sails aren’t hard to find places to store because there aren’t a lot of options. But finding a home for little items like pens, pencils, keys,…

Above Galley Storage and a Tamer Stove

This is a guest post by “Barnacle” Bill Holcomb, author of the blog Barnacle Bill Holcomb’s Sailing. He has been sailing for over 50 years on all kinds of boats from daysailers to two-masted cruisers. Bill and his wife Kathy bought their Catalina 25 #4839 new over 30 years ago and can often be seen daysailing, cruising, or racing Snickerdoodle on Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho. I’ve…

Turn Carpet Remnants into Custom Floor Mats

Back in February when the first mate and I attended the Seattle Boat Show, we really liked the look and feel of these custom fit sea grass mats that some of the boats were showing off, but they are way too expensive for our budget.

Keep Often Used Items Handy with Snap-on Gear Bags

Storage solutions are some of the most sought after and popular projects among trailer sailors. Space is at a premium and if you load your sailboat with all the supplies, foodstuffs, and conveniences you want for a weekend of cruising, there isn’t much spare space left.

Sew Your Own Cabin Curtains and Save

Are your salon and head privacy curtains old, faded, or tattered? Want to spruce up your cabin interior? Sewing your own curtains can add a designer touch without breaking the bank. If you’re replacing your cabin cushions entirely or just the covers, new curtains are a must-do companion project.